10 Tips for a Happy, Healthy Dog

  • Jennifer Ganssle
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  • June 12, 2016
  • adopting-a-dog-1-600x300Here are ten easy ways to help your dog enhance behaviour and reach optimum health.

    1. Whatever the number of exercise your dog is now getting – double it! Exercise is among the greatest methods to enhance behavioral problems and keep your dog energetic and healthy. Go for an extended hike, take a jog or play a game of frisbee, only get ’em going!

    2. Enhance nutrients. I highly encourage my customers to read pet food labels carefully, and pick a food that can provide your dog with high quality nutrients. Your dog’s food is powerful, just as what we eat affects our mood, energy and behaviour as individuals. Avoid foods that are packed with fillers like meat byproducts, wheat, corn, gluten, sugar (in all its subtle types) and compounds. Believe it or not, a lousy canine diet can lead to health problems, but behavioral dilemmas too.

    summer-safety-tips2Bfor-your-dog2B13. Play is an essential part of a dog’s life, and it serves many functions. Constructive play is an excellent form of exercise for head and the body, and it functions as an exit for many canine instincts. In addition, it teaches your dog patience, self-control attentiveness and and can be a great nutritional supplement for obedience training. Constructive play is anything that’s pleasure and engages jump and a dog’s instinct or run.

    4. Only make sure you stay tuned to delight amount and her body language – she made demand work in this region, if she’s uncomfortable or too excited when meeting other dogs or people. Speak with a professional to choose the best method to manage social situations.

    5. Rest upward. Make sure your dog has a cozy, quiet place to retreat to when she’s in the mood on.

    6. Give her a dwelling within her house. It’s significant your dog feel like she’s her own space, or den, within your house – a location that’s only hers where she can go when she’s uncomfortable, nervous, tired or simply needs to be undisturbed. It’s her refuge, her safe space. Supply a comfy crate, or dog bed, and instruct her that this is her place. Once she’s comfortable and joyful to be in her den, you can instruct her to go to her spot on clue.