How To Make The 21 Day Workout Calendar Work For You

  • Jennifer Ganssle
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  • March 1, 2017
  • If you want to follow an effective fitness program which will reduce your body to go from obese to thin in just a few weeks, then the 21 Day Workout schedule is just for you. This is a very practical program that takes into considering all the factors that go into weight loss, including the food intake, the amount of calories, quality of workouts, etc. To start with, you need a 21 Day Workout calendar like the one specified by This is the best program in case you are looking for a flat and slim you.

    When you start with the 21 Day workout program, you will never get bored as there is a wide variety of things to do that you will be able to tone each and every part of your body without wearing it out, which is one main reason most of us dread the repetitive fitness programs. Once you order the 21 Day Fix program, you will get a couple of DVD’s which will have three workouts each, specifically designed to tone some part of your body in just thirty minutes routine. In the first two weeks, you need to complete one workout every day. In the following week, you will be doing a double, one in the first half of the day and another in the second half.

    Six different workout techniques are designed in such as way as to give your full body a great workout. The cardio workouts are quite intense whereas the yoga workouts make sure that your body gets the flexibility that it requires. You may need some dumbbells and a yoga mat to do the workouts that are mentioned. The workouts are broken down into three-week patterns which will not only consider your workouts; it also includes the diet program that goes hand in hand if you have to shed those extra calories.

    The workout schedules are very simple and easy to do. The calendar is for twenty-one days, and you need to meticulously follow it for the three weeks and do the thirty-minute workouts every single day. In the beginning, doing the 30-minute workouts might look like a big challenge, but you will get used to it with time. The goal is to make you get into the habit of doing your daily exercises. The routines are mainly designed in such a way that you can train different muscles in the body so that you give them enough time to recover from the previous routines and avoid any damages that may occur due to straining too much at the same place.

    If you are looking for a faster solution, all you need to do is just use the double option; from the third week onwards, you can add an extra workout plan, maybe at a different time of the day. If you are working out in the morning, then you can add one more for the evening. Try to give at least ten hours between two workouts so that the body is prepared to take the strain.

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